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Vaccine and Testing Protocol


Good Morning Unifor 649 SaskEnergy Members;

We have had a number of people ask about grievances regarding testing and time required.

The only way grievances can be filed is if you submit for time required to go and test. Sick Leave grievances can only be filed if you requested time off for testing, the correspondence from the Company was to do on your own time but if you were unable to get an appointment on days off you would need to submit a grievance for the "denied sick leave"
you can only submit a grievance for remuneration of the cost for testing when you "have submitted and been denied the expense".

There were grievance templates that were provided to the Branch Chairs and you need to contact them and/or your Board Member to have a grievance prepared.
(Please note you can not hold and submit for multiple occasions, you need to submit on EACH AND EVERY DENIAL and you are responsible for contacting the appropriate Union representative to file a grievance.