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SaskEnergy / SaskPower COVID-19 Vaccine Policy Update



DATE:              October 15, 2021

TO:                  Unifor Members at SaskEnergy/TransGas and SaskPower

FROM:            Trevor Davies, Unifor Local 649 President

SUBJECT:       SaskEnergy / SaskPower COVID-19 Vaccine Policy Update



As everyone is aware, both companies have been enforcing their respective policies regarding vaccine / testing in the workplace.  Local 649 would like to update the membership on this issue.

Local 649 has filed policy grievances on both policies based on the unreasonable timeline that has been put forward if a member wished to be fully vaccinated in time.  The government order in council created on September 16th, 2021, signed on September 22nd and effective October 1st, 2021, forms the basis of the local’s concern that NO member would be “fully vaccinated” in time from when the notice was given.

Both policies give all members a choice, be vaccinated or be tested, the policy grievance above addresses the choice of our members to be vaccinated.  In reference to the testing process, Local 649 has provided information to the branch chairs (for dissemination to stewards).

With respect to those who choose testing, the requirement is not every 7 days but on the 7th day. This is difficult for Field members as the date of testing is not static. To ensure that your testing is not in jeopardy please discuss with your manager, supervisor, Employee Health Services. Local 649 is not signatory to this policy nor did we develop any of the procedures or protocols. Our job is to challenge and bring forward issues where they are provided and if they are a violation to our CBA or anything in our jurisdiction.

If you submit a notice to your supervisor for time off for testing and are denied, that is a grievable offence (in Local 649’s opinion).  If you submit a request for renumeration of the cost of testing and are denied, that is a grievable offence (in Local 649’s opinion).  If either of these have happened to you, please touch base with your branch chair on how to proceed.

If you made the choice NOT to be vaccinated or have chosen NOT to submit to testing, you are in violation of the company policy (which is not the Locals’ policy) and there is no grievance at this time.  If it results in termination, then the Local would file a grievance on that action.

I hope that this update provides a bit of clarity for all our members.


In Solidarity,


T.J. (Trevor) Davies, CD

President, unifor Local 649