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Memo from Local Unifor 649 President, Christy Best




DATE:                June 13, 2018

TO:                  Unifor 649 Membership

FROM:            Christy Best, Local President

SUBJECT:      InfoFlash

In the past week Unifor 649 membership has received information on upcoming initiatives of SaskEnergy,Employee Survey and Highland Group Engagement.

SaskEnergy has participated in employee surveys for many years, previously it was delivered as the Hay Survey, this year it will be delivered by TalentMap. While Unifor 649 has been made aware we do not participate nor do we have input on the development of the survey or what the key concerns or components will be. In prior years we were privy to the raw results however we do not know what information SaskEnergy will provide or share with us on this survey. We anticipate that to promote positive relations between SaskEnergy and Unifor 649 that we are updated and consulted.

The Highland Group Engagement is new and we were made aware that it was an initiative of SaskEnergy the morning of the InfoFlash. In our limited conversations with SaskEnergy it has been stated that this is not about employees, it is about process and change. SaskEnergy as stated is looking to invest significant funds into capitol infrastructure provincially and prior to this they want to make certain that the practices and processes are not only adequate but guarantee the viability and development of SaskEnergy for years to come.

Employees are at the forefront and they see work that may or may not be riddled with inefficiencies, processes that are redundant, onerous and possibly irrelevant; perhaps this is an opportunity to provide material that will introduce opportunity for change.

When we look at what has changed over the years, we all have questioned the direction SaskEnergy is taking. Use this as an opportunity to identify what we/you see, employee participation can influence decisions and based on the high degree of employee involvement we anticipate you will have significant impact.

As stated Unifor 649 is not involved, we are however very much vested and will seek out further information.

Should you have questions or issues you may contact any of us;

Christy Best, President –  

Monica Radwanski, Assistant to the President –

Rick Jensen, Vice President–


In Solidarity

Sister Christy Best

President - Unifor Local 649, Prairie Council Chair