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Job Evaluation CIS 2020


SaskEnergy Members;


After 2.5 years the CIS Maintenance Project has been completed. The process included management and incumbents and reviewed job descriptions and job detail. Once the job descriptions were approved the positions were forwarded to the Job Evaluation Committee. The JE committee is comprised of management and inscope employees members are; 

Angie Oshust (Co-chair), 

Gary Mehls 

Brian Evans

and the out of scope;

C Maclean

L Francouer 

A Acton,

as well as resource members:

S Kane,

Ian Davidson

Monica Radwanski

Job Evaluations took place in early October and once pay bands were established, Union and Management met and established the rates of pay and placement. Positions that were evaluated as part of the CIS Maintenance Project were: CSR, PDR, Payment Services Reps 1&2, Billing Services Reps 1&2, Collectors 1&2 and CIS Reps.

Positions that moved to lower pay bands: incumbents do not change to the new pay scale, they remain at the current rates and receive all negotiated increases and progress through increments as provided in the wage table of the current CBA. These employees will not move to another pay band unless they vacate their current classification. (IE: employee bids a permanent position and then returns via bid to the previous position).

Positions that moved to higher pay bands; incumbents are placed in the new pay scale as negotiated by the Union; normally this is the rate that provides for an increase in the current rate of pay and then they progress through the new pay scale.

The new pay bands and rates are effective the date of the job evaluation however job bids that were on the "careers" page at the time of the job evaluation are not moved to the new band if they have moved to a lower pay band. Only positions moving forward are affected.

Unifor 649 doesn't have red circling and we only use green circling provisions. In essence there has been no change to remuneration and there will not be unless you move positions permanently and then return to the previous classification.
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