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Don't Just POST


Should you or shouldn't you post to facebook or other social media?

1. Is it true?
2. Can you validate and defend it?
3. Is it personal?
4. Is it your personal business?
5, Do you want it available for everyone to see?
6. Why do you need to post it?
7. Are you at work?
8. Does the post or your identity show where you work?
9. Is it opinion?
10. Will it come back and haunt you?
11. Does it degrade or reflect negatively on you, friends, work?
12. Do we really need to know?

Social media at its best can bring about great things. At its worst it is like watching an accident or a fire, don't look for the gore. Use social media as if you were talking to a person, there are no masks and you can be held accountable. Think before you hit POST