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DATE:                October 5, 2021

TO:                   Unifor Members at SaskEnergy/TransGas and SaskPower

FROM:              Trevor Davies, Unifor Local 649 President



Both Companies have provided a policy to members, SaskPower last week and SaskEnergy earlier today. It is important to remember that these policies are the company’s and we, Local 649 are not signatory to them nor do we endorse. 

The health and safety of our members is paramount as is our collective bargaining agreement (CBA) and our ability to protect Union rights as provided. Both CBAs are clear that we have the right to notification, discussion, and negotiation where members are affected. We have been in constant discussions and have, as previously, noted brought forward issues that we believe must be addressed. 

The questions you, our membership, bring forward are not left to sit, we act on all concerns. The ability to take action however is always after the infraction/s occur. We must continue to act/comply now, grieve later.

This is to advise that Local 649 has filed a policy grievance with both companies as we have identified they have not met the KVP standard of reasonability, timeliness, and consistency. This will be denied and will result in multiple individual grievances being filed.  These grievances are not about Management’s Rights but the application and implementation of a policy that has adversely affected the bargaining units.

It is our stance that our membership was not provided adequate time to prepare or comply and members should not be adversely affected and suffer personal cost.  we have been in constant communication with the respective companies since this was announced September 16, advocating for the membership. The language within our CBA's does not specifically address this situation but the intent is clear to us. It is always our hope that discussions will bring about resolution but that is not always the case. Where we are unable to find mutual resolve, we have a process to advance the issue.

While we have filed grievances, all members should adhere to the policy and processes as provided and we will work to expedite the grievance. Where members must incur cost; covid testing, and loss of time; denial of paid leave, ensure you keep all receipts and records, grievances may be filed on an individual basis pending the outcome of the Policy grievance.

For denied benefits; access to sick leave and remuneration for testing documentation, a template grievance will be provided to each area. This is to ensure wording, CBA violation and resolve are concise, as these grievances will likely move outside of Company and Union (possible arbitration / court challenges).

We will continue to advocate and represent all our membership. Questions should be emailed to your respective Assistants and Local President. We will also continue to post via our local website and Facebook, and we require that all communications remain respectful. Discussions are positive but derogatory, demeaning, or disrespectful comments will be deleted, "check your comment before hitting post", intent and interpretation are often not clear. We will also be shutting off comments during the weekend as we are not available to monitor content and provide answers.

Stay safe

In Solidarity,


T.J. (Trevor) Davies, CD
President, unifor Local 649
Chair, unifor PRC Political Action
Office: 306-352-7041 
111, 2709 12th Ave
Regina, SK S4T 1J3