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Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women’s Vigil


Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women’s Vigil

Powerful, inspirational, emotional and educational are the words I would use to describe the Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women’s Vigil held last night at the Medicine Wheel located at Regina’s RCMP Depot.  Family Members came together with representatives from the Regina and Saskatchewan Policing Agencies, FSIN and the community at large. 

Family members spoke about the loss of their loved ones; the pain they still experience on a daily basis and their efforts to move forward.  Whether their loss was in recent years or happened many years ago, it was clearly evident that the loss is still profound.  To those who have directly been impacted, the vigil is a time for sharing, continued healing and a reminder that loved ones must never be forgotten.  The families recognized and thanked all who attended the vigil.  The support is comforting and encouraging to know that others care. 

We walked back to our vehicle following the vigil, my daughter, her friend and I each providing a perspective to what we had each witnessed.  I think my 19 year old daughter said it best…”This isn’t just an indigenous people’s issue, .this is everybody’s issue…and we all need to be part of the solution.”  I couldn’t agree more!

Please save the date:  A walk in support of Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women will take place on the afternoon of Mother’s Day, Sunday, May 14th in the afternoon.  Stayed tuned for additional details.