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SaskEnergy Grievance Committee

Monica Radwanski - Chairperson -
Bentley Biletski, Chris Stinson and Shelly Horvath

Safety, Health & Environmet (SHE) Comittee

Dave Buchanan - Chairperson
Brian Evans, Dawn Schewaga and Dallas Chinski

SaskEnergy Automation & Technical Change

Laurie Tischler - Chairperson
Krista Wagner and Roland Winowich

SaskEnergy DIP Council

Christine Langford - Member

SaskEnergy Diversity

Randi Keeper - Chairperson
Desi Kniaz, Veronica Miller and Annie McLeod

SaskEnergy Employee Health

Rod Mack - Chairperson
Greg Shanner

SaskEnergy Job Evaluation

Warren Widmer - Chairperson
Brian Evans, Angie Oshust, Gary Mehls and Dawn Schewaga

SaskEnergy Joint Investment

Nevin Kapell - Member

SaskEnergy Training

Tom Mason, Chairperson
Twyla Stolar, Cary Dereniwsky and Rick Jensen

SaskPower Diversity

Beryl Nelson - Chairperson

SaskPower EFAP (Employee, Family Assistance Program)

Rita Syrota - Chairperson
Beryl Nelson and Kathy Greer