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Who we are

Unifor Local 649 Executive Board 2015


Christy Best, Local President

Rick Jensen, Vice President

Ian Davidson, Executive Board Member (Branches: 1, 8 & 9)

Krista Wagner, Executive Board Member (Branches: 3 & 5)

Karen Sinclair, Executive Board Member (Branch 2)

Tracey Dobson, Executive Board Member (Branches: 4,6,7,10 & 11)

Monica Radwanski, Assistant to the President for SaskEnergy

and SaskEnergy Grievance Chairperson

Wendy Love, Assistant to the President for SaskPower

and SaskPower Grievance Chairperson

Tracy Leader, Local Financial Secretary


Alternate Board Members:

Dave Buchanan (Branches: 1,8,9)

Trevor Davies (Branches: 3 & 5)

Holly Moleski (Branch:2)

Jodi Kieper Branches: (4, 6,7,10 & 11)