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Executive Board - Biographies

Ian Davidson Local President


If you would like to contact Ian Davidson, please email him at .


Rick Jensen Vice President


Leah Cojocar Financial Treasurer


Christine Langford Executive Board Member Branch 2

Alternate Board Member, Teresa Thompson


Tyler Thauberger Executive Board Member Branches 1, 8 & 9

Alternate Board Member, Tara Stark


Krista Wagner Executive Board Member Branches 3, 5 & 10

Alternate Board Member, Trevor Davies


Jodi Kieper Executive Board Member Branches 4, 6, 7 & 11

Alternate Board Member, Tracey Dobson



Wendy Love Assistant to the President for SaskPower

I started with SaskPower in May, 1978. I finished my Post-Secondary Secretarial Course on a Friday and started with the Company the following Monday. My first position was a Temporary Full-time Stenographer in Yorkton. During my next 30+ years, in addition to a Stenographer, I was a Meter Reader, Clerk I, Chief District Clerk, Senior Clerk, Customer Service Representative and Region Coordinator. I can thank Brother Gord Steininger, Local President, for getting me involved in the union. Several months after I started with SaskPower, Brother Steininger was in Yorkton for a union meeting and branch elections. He convinced me to attend my first meeting. That night I was elected Secretary Treasurer for Branch 3 and since then have held numerous positions at the branch level including Secretary Treasurer, Shop Steward, Chief Shop Steward, Vice President and President. I have also represented the Local on the EFAP Advisory Committee, the Joint Dialogue Committee, several Appeals Committees and Resolutions Committee at the Constitutional and Bargaining Conferences. Getting involved with the union is one of the best things I have done. We can thank our union for our wages, hours of work, benefits, leaves and safe working conditions. Not to mention, everything else that has been negotiated and obtained over the years. I was appointed as the Assistant to the President (SaskPower) to replace Sister Kathy Zwick. I am honored to have been chosen to represent the members of CEP Local 649. I look forward to serving the membership and they can be assured that I will do my best for each one of them. My advice to any union member is to attend union meetings and take a co-worker with you. Get involved. The benefits are rewarding. In solidarity,

If you would like to contact Wendy, please email her at .


Monica Radwanski Assistant to the President for SaskEnergy and SaskEnergy Grievance Chair

Unlike many, my time with the Union began with the organizing of the Ramada Renaissance Hotel. This was a big deal as there were not many service industries that were organized, it was the early nineties and we joined CEP Local 649. When I left the hotel in 1996 and joined SaskEnergy, it wasn't a hard transition as the faces were those I had seen at conventions and meetings. I trusted these people and I believed in the value of the Union. I had seen the changes that a strong Union presence could bring. I have been part of the Rehabilitation and Grievance committees in the past and I also served as a Steward and Chief Shop Steward. Throughout the years my involvement in the Union has had its peaks and valleys but in these years I may have stepped back but I never stepped out. Union involvement is perhaps more vital now than it has been in some time. I look forward to the challenges that I will find as the Assistant to the President for SaskEnergy as well as the Grievance Chair. I am fortunate to be surrounded by others who share the same vision.

If you would like to contact Monica, please email her at .